Adverbs Of Time Definition Exercises , Examples


Adverbs of Time

Adverbs of Time Definition:

  • Before you start learning Adverbs of time i suggest you to please first understand the basic concepts of adverb by going to this link Adverb and if you already know what is an adverb then its fine to continue
  • Ok so lets learn adverbs of time definition which is - "It tells the time of action when something Happens"
For Example : Yesterday He went to School
Yesterday 'Adverbs of Time '
He ← Subject / Pronoun |
went ← Verb - 2nd form
to School← prepositional object
So As You can see in this Example Yesterday is the adverbs of Time because it is telling us the time of action . So now i suppose you have understood if not take one more example-> We exercise daily in this example (1) We - > Subject (2) exercise - > Verb (3) daily - > is the Adverbs of time because daily is showing us the time of exercise ok!!! now its time to see the types
Types: We have two types
Indefinite - Time Today , Yesterday . Now , Then , Soon , Already , Still , Yet , Before , Tonight
Definite - Time Weekly , daily, monthly , Hourly , yearly

If you are confused about these types don't be becuase i have some examples for you which will clear all your confusions . in order to see those examples please see them below right after the video lecture

Adverbs Of Time

| Examples / Exercises |

  1. Yesterday He went to School
  2. Coming Soon
  3. Iam still waiting for them
  4. He pays the bill monthly
  5. Yesterday She ate an ice-cream
  6. Soon They Take Dinner
  7. We finished our work Yesterday
  8. Soon He Will attend the English Language Class
  9. daily He Takes Dinner
  10. Yesterday She completed her work
  11. Already They have come here
  12. Yesterday You played football
  13. Yesterday They come late
  14. Daily She Completes her Work
  15. daily She applies make-Up
  16. Monthly He Writes a letter
  17. He learns Auto-Cad monthly
  18. Hourly It Connects
  19. She speaks English Hourly
  20. They buy Laptops yearly
  21. He eats ice-cream yearly
  22. Weekly He tells a lie yearly
  23. He listens Songs Weekly
  24. He copies from us Weekly
  25. He wears jeans Weekly
  26. He takes a lot of water Weekly
  27. She Operates Computer daily
  28. She Talks with him daily
  29. It takes time daily
  30. We eat Eggs Hourly
  31. We do exercise Hourly
  32. They open this Shop Hourly
  33. They record voice Hourly
  34. It installs Windows monthly
  35. She cooks Food Hourly
  36. He makes Cake yearly
  37. She stops us monthly
  38. It kills mosquitoes monthly
  39. He earns money monthly
  40. They recite Holy Book monthly
  41. They come to me daily
  42. He works in Office daily
  43. She takes an interview daily
  44. He catchs fishes monthly
  45. He scolds them monthly
  46. He completes his Work monthly
  47. He thinks bad about you daily
  48. He takes 2 Kg Chicken daily
  49. He cuts hair monthly
  50. He smokes Hourly
  51. They buy milk daily

Adverbs Of Time List

  1. Today
  2. Yesterday
  3. Now
  4. Then
  5. Soon
  6. Already
  7. Still
  8. Yet
  9. Before
  10. Tonight
  11. Weekly
  12. daily
  13. monthly
  14. Hourly
  15. yearly