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Adjective Of Number - Definition

  • "It Expresses The Definite Quantity Of Noun"
  • Or in easy words we can say that "It tells us the exact number of something"
  • Let's say someone asks me "Mr. Naveed Tell Me How Many Students Are In Your Class"
  • So I Say "I Have Three Students"

I ← Subject
Have ← Showing The Possession
Five ← Adjective Of Number
Students ← Noun
  • In this example Five is the Adjective of Number and students are noun and five is telling us the quantity OR Number of Students
  • So now if anyone asks you what is the Adjective Of Number so you can tell -> It Expresses The Definite Quantity Of Noun / Pronoun
  • Or in easy words it tells us the exact number of somthing ok!!! . if you are still confuse don't worry i am giving you one more example
  • "She has five cards" -- So the word Five is showing the exact number of cards ok!!. i hope now its clear why do we use now we should see the kinds so lets see the kinds

Adjective of Number - Kinds:

1) Definite

  • It tells the exact number of noun / or tell the proper quality

Examples Sentences:

  1. I have five students
  2. They have four carpets
  3. I have three glasses
  4. They have 20 Cupboards
  5. She has one Pencil
  6. You have 3 Pillows
  7. She has three rigths
  8. I have learnt Nine Chapters
  9. They have 10 Empolyees
  10. She buys 70 Apples
  11. I have one microphone
  12. He has three dogs

2) In Definite

  • It does not tells the exact number just tell the approximate numbers of noun

Examples Sentences:

  1. I have many students
  2. They have few carpets
  3. They have many Cupboards

Adjective of Quantity & Number / Difference

Adjective of Quantity Adjective of Number
Means:It tells the appomximate Number - Like: Many , Much Means:It tells the Exact Number - Like: 4 , Four , 26 , Twenty Six

  1. I have many Students
  2. They have many phones
  3. She has many Laptops
  4. He has many Friends
  5. She has 24 laptops
  6. You have 1 minutes
  7. We have one website
  8. I have 100 books


So have finished learning what is an adjective of number. i tired my level best to teach you through Video lectures and examples and i hope you have understood but still you any problem understanding it so please contact me i would love to help you Thank you ....

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