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Viewpoint Adverb - Definition:

  • Before i start teaching you what is a Viewpoint adverbs i would like to ask you Do you know what is an adverb? if not then please !!! first understand what is an adverb by just clicking on this Adverb link . This link will reach to the page where in detail i have explained everything but if you already have an idea or know the basics then you can continue
  • Ok so lets see the definition which is -> "It expresses In what point of view you are speaking"
  • This is the formal definition now let me explain you in my words which is (with the help of viewpoint adverb we can tell our ( opinion or point of view) about any work
For Example : Seriously, he can't speak English

So As You can see in this Example Seriously is the viewpoint adverb because it is showing us the point of view (which in this case is Seriously) . if you still have any problem don't worry iam giving you one more example -> They fought bravely in sentence iam showing my Opinion when someone asked me - "oh naveed tell me according to you how did they fight " so in the answer of this question i showed my (Opinion or point of view) so when ever we want to show our personal Opinion about any work then we use it . i suppose till now you have understood why do we use it now its time to see how to make sentences which you can see right after the video lectures

Sentences Rules :

Before we see the example first we had better know the rules
1 - We put commna (This is -> " , " Commna) like Seriously, I don't know you As you can see i have put commna right after the word to tell it is showing my point of view
2 - 80% of the time we put the word at the beginning but at some times we also put the word at the end as well
For Example No - 1 : Seriously, I don't know you ( Coming at the Beginning )
For Example No - 2 : I don't know you, Seriously ( Coming at the End )

Examples :

  • Seriously, Ali can't speak English
  • Ali can't speak English , Seriously
  • Obviously, we are in problem
  • We are in problem, obviously
  • Personally, I would never do this
  • I would never do this , Personally
  • Undoubtedly, They are my good firends
  • They are my good firends ,Undoubtedly
  • Carelessly , he put salt
  • He put salt, Carelessly
  • Unfortunately , He was died due to cancer
  • He was died due to cancer , Unfortunately
  • Naturally, we can produce so much
  • We can produce so much , naturally
So we learnt . Viewpoint adverbs are used to show our opinion about something and we also learnt the rules for making sentences and i tired my level best to teach you with best of my knowledge through Video lectures and examples and i hope you have understood but still you any problem understanding it so please contact me i would love to help you Thank you ....
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