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Before i start teaching you what is an adverbs of place i would like to ask you . Do you know what is an adverb? if not then please !!! first understand what is an adverb by just clicking on this Adverb link . This link will reach to the page where in detail i have explained everything but if you already have an idea or just want to know the basics then you can continue learning adverbs of place.

What Is An Adverbs Of Place?

  • The definition of the adverbs of place is - "It Tells The Place Of Action (Where something happens)" Or in easy words we can say that it shows / gives us the direction where any action happens Ex: Where to go , where to come , where to sit etc
In order to show or tell the direction or the place to anyone we use these words
  • Here , There , Every Where , straight up , Down ,Upstairs , downstaris , behind , in , out Back
For Ex : He goes there

Adverbs of Place | Words / List

After learning the basics this will be very helpfull for you to learn how to make sentences therefore iam giving you the list of all Adverbs of place word and explaining you how to use them

  1. Here
  2. There
  3. Every Where
  4. straight up
  5. Down
  6. Upstairs
  7. Downstaris
  8. behind
  9. in
  10. Back
  11. Out

1) Here


  1. He is coming here
  2. kindly clean this place because here we perform Namaz
  3. Here They are playing football
  4. Here we do the pratice of English speaking
  5. She is dancing Here
  6. We are here
  7. Here is your mobile
  8. Why are you working here
  9. Iam sleeping here

2) There


  1. He goes there
  2. Iam going there
  3. For me they are waiting there
  4. There She is completing her Homework
  5. There they are taking Class
  6. There they are
  7. There she is beating ali
  8. They are Working there
  9. There is a lizard
  10. There Party is going on
  11. There She is cooking biryani for me

3) Every Where


  1. We can Sleep everywhere
  2. You are seeing me from everywhere
  3. We do fun everywhere
  4. He is searching everywhere
  5. I looked you everywhere
  6. Everywhere people are just talking about you
  7. Every Where police is searching
  8. Cameras are everywhere
  9. Wifi is almost free everywhere in this country

4) Ups / Downstairs


  1. We were waiting you Downstairs
  2. Downstaris I was doing pratice
  3. I used to take english clasess Downstairs
  4. She would meet me Downstairs
  5. Iam coming Upstairs
  6. Someone must be Downstairs
  7. Go upstairs iam coming
  8. Upstairs some guest are waiting

5) Behind / Back


  1. Behind your back He talks alot
  2. We are laughing behind her
  3. You know what is happening behind you back
  4. There is something on your back
  5. Behind the scenes
  6. Look there is something at yout back

6) OUT / IN


  1. Get out
  2. Come in
  3. They are going out
  4. Out of the room She is crying
  5. Out of 100 she got 90
  6. In your house i have left my car key
  7. In my computer i have 31 gb of space left
  8. Breathe out


So now if anyone asks you what is an adverbs of place so iam very much sure you can tell that we use adverbs of place to show or tell the direction or place of an action with the help of above explained words and if still you have any problem related to this then kindly ask from me i would love you give you answer Thank you

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