Make | Causative Verb, Usages, Definitions, Example

Make | Causative Verb

You are going to Learn:
1 - What Is Causative Verbs
2 - Active Causative Verb
3 - Make - Active Causative Verb
4 - Structure
5 - Examples
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Causative Verbs | Definition:

" A Word Showing When We Want Someone To Do Something "

Example - (No 1)

Let's say you to want to have a new kitchen cupboard so call the carpenter and he does your work (Means take all the measurements , Makes the cupboard - Everything he does for you) so this is causative why because you are not doing this work but you are saying to something to do this for you

Active | Causative

  • Definition - "In Active Causative we done work from someone who is not professional"
For Example: Your Tire Has Punctured - Now in the middle of high way where you are not finding any Tire shop but you have your firend in your car so say them to change the Tire because you are so tired after driving . so you sit in the car and they change the tire for you - "In This Sentence You said to your friend and they worked for your so this is active causative why because someone else worked for you and they were not professional "
  1. Make - Active Causative
  2. Get - Active Causative
  3. Have - Active Causative

1) Make - Active Causative Verb

Usages / Definitions:

Now we know all the usages of make now its time to learn how to make sentences .as you know before we start making any sentence we have to first understand the structure and before structure we have to see the tenses means in which tenses we can use make . so we have three tenses for make

Make - In Tenses:

  1. Present Tense - Make Causative
  2. Past Tense - Make Causative
  3. Future Tense - Make Causative
  4. Present Continuous Tense - Make Causative


1) Subject = Means Who or what perform the action
-- Make = For [ Present Sentences ] - Ex: They make him polish the shoes
-- Made = For Past Sentences Ex: They made him polish the shoes
-- Will Make = For Future Sentences Ex: They will make him polish the shoes
-- Is / Am / Are - Making = For Present Continuous Sentences Ex: They are making him polish shoes
2) Obj (Somone ) = Like Any Noun , pronoun
3) Verb = A word which is used to indicate the act is called verb
4) Object = Object is noun or pronoun and tell the meaning of preposition

Example / Exercises:

  1. They make us polish shoes
  2. He makes us Laugh
  3. He are making her fool
  4. They made me understand
  5. I make them teach English
  6. She is making him ride a bike
  7. She makes him do

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