Future Indefinite Tense - Passive Voice

Future - Passive Voice

You are going to Learn:
1 - Future - Passive | Basics
2 - Formula / Structure
3 - How To Make Examples?
4 - Example Sentences
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  • Before you go to towards Future Indefininte Passive Voice First you must have the basic understanding of Future Tense and Passive Voice
  • If you know what Future indefinite is then you can continure learning Future Passive
  • If not then i suggest you to go Future Indefinite Tense First
  • Now I assume you know Future indefinite
  • As you know In Future Indefinite The Structure Is - "Subject + Will / Shall + V + object"
  • In Passive Voice The Subject comes at last
  • And Object Comes First Therefore the Structure of Is

Formula / Structure:

Object + Will be + 3rdVerb


Means (This is the Subject of Passive) Like I , We , They , Or Any Name "Naveed"

Will Be - [Helping Verb]:

- Will Be = Is a helping verb - We use Will Be With Evey Subject


"A Word Which Shows An Action Is Called Verb" - Ex: (Dance , Read , Listen , do)

How To Make Examples?

I Will Cook Food - Normal Future

Steps To Make:
  1. First we take the object which in this case is food
  2. Food ...
  3. Then we use helping verbs For this tense we have (Will Be) Food Will be ...
  4. Verb will come which in this sentence is - (Cook) - (Cooked)
Food Will Be Cooked - Complete !!!

Exercises / Examples:

1 - I Will write a letter A letter will be written by me
2 - He Will cook Food Food will be cooked
3 - They Will Play football Football will be played by them

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