Future Indefinite Tense - Passive Voice

Future - Passive Voice

You are going to Learn:
1 - Future - Passive | Basics
2 - Formula / Structure
3 - How To Make Examples?
4 - Example Sentences
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  • Before you go to towards Future Indefininte Passive Voice First you must have the basic understanding of Future Tense and Passive Voice
  • If you know what Future indefinite is then you can continure learning Future Passive
  • If not then i suggest you to go Future Indefinite Tense First
  • Now I assume you know Future indefinite
  • As you know In Future Indefinite The Structure Is - "Subject + Will / Shall + V + object"
  • In Passive Voice The Subject comes at last
  • And Object Comes First Therefore the Structure of Is

Formula / Structure:

Object + Will be + 3rdVerb


Means (This is the Subject of Passive) Like I , We , They , Or Any Name "Naveed"

Will Be - [Helping Verb]:

- Will Be = Is a helping verb - We use Will Be With Evey Subject


"A Word Which Shows An Action Is Called Verb" - Ex: (Dance , Read , Listen , do)

How To Make Examples?

I Will Cook Food - Normal Future

Steps To Make:
  1. First we take the object which in this case is food
  2. Food ...
  3. Then we use helping verbs For this tense we have (Will Be) Food Will be ...
  4. Verb will come which in this sentence is - (Cook) - (Cooked)
Food Will Be Cooked - Complete !!!

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Exercises / Examples:

1 - I Will write a letter A letter will be written by me
2 - He Will cook Food Food will be cooked
3 - They Will Play football Football will be played by them
4 - She Will make cake Cake will be made by her
5 - He Will learn English English will be learnt
6 - They Will start Generator Generator will be started by them
7 - She Will make changes Changes will be made by her
8 - I Will repair L.C.D L.C.D will be repaired by me
9 - I Will make Tutorials Tutorials will be made by me
10 - They Will implement rules Rules will be implemented by them
11 - We Will take medicine Medicine will be taken by us
12 - She Will understand World World will be understood by her
13 - We Will build buildings Buildings will be built by us
14 - He will cook french fries french fries will be cooked
15 - We will select players Players will be selected
16 - We will paint homes Homes will be painted by us
17 - They Will fight with enemies Enemies will be fought by them
18 - She Will call them They will be called by her
19 - She Will uses make-up Make Up will be used by her
20 - He Will clean Room Room will be cleaned by him
21 - We Will celebrate independence Day Independence Day will be celebrated by us
22 - We Will go to take him He will be taken by us
23 - They Will buy Milk Milk will be bought
24 - He Will take Chicken Chicken will be taken
25 - He will cook briyani briyani will be cooked
26 - Brain Will control our body Our Body will be controlled
27 - Heart Will pump blood Blood will be pumped
28 - He Will earn money Money will be earned
29 - He Will recite Holy Book Holy Book will be recited
30 - It Will install windows Windows will be installed
31 - He will buy a mobile A Mobile will be bought
32 - We Will eat eggs Eggs will be eaten by us
33 - He will sell Biryani Biryani will be sold
34 - They Will record voice Voice will be recorded by them
35 - She Will operate Computer Computer will be operated
36 - She will do marketing Marketing will be done
37 - I Will drink Water Water will be drunk
38 - He Will listen Songs Songs will be listened by him
39 - I Will eat Ice-Cream Ice-Cream will be eaten
40 - He Will perform Prayer Prayer will be performed
41 - They Will buy Laptops Laptops will be bought
42 - They Will catch Fishes Fishes will be caught
43 - She Will kill mosquitoes Mosquitoes will be killed by her
44 - He Will love Bodybuilding Bodybuilding will be be loved by him
45 - She Will run Free Service Free Service will be run by her
46 - They Will publish my Designs My Designs will be published by them
47 - He Will start new Business New Business will be started
48 - He Will rule the country They country will be ruled
49 - They Will show aeroplanes Aeroplanes will be shown
50 - She Will steal Petrol Petrol will be stolen