Possessive Adjectives

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Possessive Adjectives / Definition:

Before you start learning what is Possessive Adjectives you first have basic understanding of what is An Adjectives if you already know ... then you can continue


  • It Tells The Ownership OR Possession
  • For Ex : This is my Box

Let Say iam at airport and someone is shouting "Whose box is this?" or "Who is the owner of this box" so in order to show my owership i will say "Hey Mr. This is my box" and then i will get my box
So in this example My-> is a Possessive Adjective And
Box-> is a Noun So the main work was done by the word My Because it is Showing an ownership

Words / List

  • So in order to tell ownership We use these words
  • My
  • Our
  • Your
  • His
  • Her
  • Don't worry about it how and where to use them because this below table is ready to clear your all confusions
Subject Change Into
I My
We Our
You Your
He His
She Her
They Their


If you are confuse even after seeing the table don't worry about it because after this explanation you will never have any confusion left. well start from first which is
I --------- My: Let say you want to tell your ownership of something then you will use My Ex: My Mobile, My Car , My Laptop ok!! so this is for you when you show your ownership
We --------- Our: Let say we are the citizen of any country and we are the owner of one thing Ex:Our Flag - "Our" means not just we have one owner we have many people own the same thing
You --------- Your: When use your when your are not showing the ownership of your but someone's else Ex: "Your shoes are nice" - > in this examples you are not prasing yourself but somone else ok
He --------- His: His is pretty much like "The Word you" but - We use "His" when are saying the ownership of a man Like: His clothes are nice
She --------- Her :Here is same as "The Word He" but We "Her" In A little differnt manner - because we use "Her" for a female Ex: Her Book is nice


  1. This is your mobile
  2. This is my Computer
  3. That was my laptop
  4. They are my Students
  5. They have my phone
  6. She has my Laptop
  7. He is my Friend

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