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What Is An Adjective?

The Definition Is - "A Word Which (Defines a Noun) OR ( Modify / Change A Noun ) Is Called Adjective"

Lets Start The Explanation But First We Should Know
What Is A Noun? - The Defintion Of The Noun Is - > "Noun Is The Name Of Place , Person Or Anything " - It Means The Name OF Anything Is Noun - For Example:Your Name , Your Father Name , Your City Name , Your Country Name , Your School Name etc. So as you can see they all have their own names that's why they are noun. i hope now if anyone asks you what is a noun so you can tell ("Noun Is The Name Of Anything"). Till now we have understood what is the noun. its time to see how does an "Adjective (Defines A Noun ,Change/Modify A Noun)"

1) Defines A Noun :

For Ex: "A Nice Book"
Nice ← Adjectives
Book ← Noun
As you can see in this example sentence - "A Nice Book" - the word " Nice " is an Adjectives And the word " Book " is a Noun. so you may be asking yourself why the word nice is adj and what it is doing here? well the answer of this question is (The Word Nice) Is prasing or telling good thing about the noun (Which Is Book) if you still confuse don't worry take one more example - "A beautiful Girl" In this sentence beautiful is telling good about the a girl so that's why this word is (adj) ok!! so this is how adj defines a noun

2) Modify / Change Noun

intelligent ← Adjectives
person ← Noun
In this example sentence intelligent is an Adjective (intelligent -> adjective) And Person is a (Noun) and the word intelligent is modifying a noun because it is totally changing the meaning or sense why because if we say "A stupid person" so the word stupid is actually changing the whole meaning / Sense in your mind means whenever we need help so will first think 2 or 3 times before taking help from this person but if i say "An intelligent person" this also changes the meaning / sense in our mind about this person so this change is called modify A noun

Types Of Adjectives:

1) Adjectives Of Quality
2) Adjectives of Quantity
3) Demonstrative - Adj
4) Interrogative Adjectives
7) Possessive Adjectives
8) Adjectives Of Number

1) Adjectives Of Quality

The Formal / Proper Definition Is "It Describes The Quality of Noun"
Or In Easy Words We can say that it praises the Noun / Or Tell the good things about the Noun
For Example : A Beautiful Place
Beautiful 'Adjectives'
Place← Noun
So In This Ex Beautiful Is Adjectives Of Quality Because The Word Beautiful is telling the Quality of A Noun (Means telling good thing about the place) so whenever we need to show the Quality of Noun we will use it . if you are still confuse don't worry iam going to give you one more ex -
" Ali is handsome " Ali-> Noun , handsome->Adj (because the word "handsome" is telling us that ali is nice looking person / And showing the quality of Ali)

2) Adjectives Of Quantity

Many ← Adjectives of Quantity
Students ← Noun
As You Can see in this Example Many Is the Adjectives of Quantity And Students Are Noun And if we say I have Students this is also right but in order to show the quantity or number we have used the word "Many". For your better understading iam giving you one more ex Which is
"She has much water"
In this sentence (much: is showing the quantity) and the (water: is noun) so this is how we use it. now you may be thinking what are the words to show the quantity or number well don't worry about it because below i have given the words

List Of Words:

  1. Many
  2. Much
  3. Enough
  4. A few
  5. Few

3) Demonstrative Adjectives

List Of Words:

  1. This
  2. That
  3. These
  4. Those

This | Examples / Exercises:

Definition : We use This when the thing / Or the object is one and Near
  1. This book is good
  2. This car is blue
  3. This fan is white
  4. This truck is mine
  5. This mobile is expensive
  6. This is my Computer
  7. This was my laptop
  8. This is my phone
  9. This is her Laptop
  10. This is his Friend
  11. This is a Pen
  12. This is her makeup kit
  13. This is her Student
  14. This was my class
  15. This was his Computer
  16. This is your laptop
  17. This is her books
  18. This is his websites
  19. This was his Company

That | Examples / Exercises:

Definition : We use it when the thing / object is one and far
  1. That book is good
  2. That car is blue
  3. That fan is white
  4. That truck is mine
  5. That mobile is expensive
  6. That is my Computer
  7. That was my laptop
  8. That is my phone
  9. That is her Laptop
  10. That is his Friend
  11. That is a Pen
  12. That is her makeup kit
  13. That is her Student
  14. That was my class
  15. That was his Computer
  16. That is your laptop
  17. That is her books
  18. That is his websites
  19. That was his Company

These | Examples / Exercises :

Definition : We use it when the thing / object is more then one and Near
  1. These books are good
  2. These cars are blue
  3. These fans are white
  4. These trucks are mine
  5. These mobiles are expensive
  6. These are my Computers
  7. These were my laptops
  8. These are my phones
  9. These are her Laptops
  10. These are my Friends
  11. These are their offices
  12. These are her makeup kitd
  13. These are her Students
  14. These were my classes
  15. These are her books
  16. These are our websites
  17. These were hare buildings

Those | Examples / Exercises :

Definition : We use it when the thing / object is more than one and far
  1. Those books are good
  2. Those cars are blue
  3. Those fans are white
  4. Those trucks are mine
  5. Those mobiles are expensive
  6. Those are my Computers
  7. Those were my laptops
  8. Those are my phones
  9. Those are her Laptops
  10. Those are my Friends
  11. Those are their offices
  12. Those are her makeup kitd
  13. Those are her Students
  14. Those were my classes
  15. Those are her books
  16. Those are our websites
  17. Those were hare buildings

4) Interrogative Adjectives

Interrogative Adjectives | Words:

Now you may be thinking by which words we can ask questions so in order to clear your confusion iam telling you the words which are

1) What | Examples:

  1. What did you eat in dinner?
  2. What do you do?
  3. What do you drink?
  4. What do you like to read?
  5. What color do you like?
  6. What kind of dog do you have?
  7. What is a computer?
  8. That's what I say
  9. What are those?
  10. What do you do at your free time?
  11. What are your hobbies?
  12. Now what do i do?
  13. Now what?
  14. No one knows what i do for this website?
  15. Whare are you talking about?

2) Which | Examples:

  1. Which book do you like?
  2. Which Laptop do you like?
  3. Which bike do you like?
  4. Which car do you like?
  5. Which number do you have?
  6. Which company do you like?
  7. Which cell phone do you have?
  8. Which cell phone do you have?
  9. Which car do you have?
  10. In which class do you study?
  11. This the part which moves the other parts
  12. Due to which i was not able to come in your class
  13. Which is your favorite color?
  14. In Which country do you want to live?
  15. I love to eat which likes for me

3) Whose | Examples:

  1. Whose book is this?
  2. Whose Pen is this?
  3. Whose Laptop is this?
  4. Whose Box is this?
  5. Whose Fan is this?
  6. Whose Ticket is this?
  7. Whose L.C.D is this?
  8. Whose Window is this?
  9. Whose Keyboard is this?
  10. Whose Mobile is this?
  11. Whose Phone is this?
  12. Whose glasses are they?

5) Possessive Adjectives

Let Say iam at airport and someone is shouting "Whose box is this?" or "Who is the owner of this box" so in order to show my owership i will say "Hey Mr. This is my box" and then i will get my box
So in this example My-> is a Possessive Adjective And
Box-> is a Noun So the main work was done by the word My Because it is Showing an ownership

Words / List

Subject Change Into
I My
We Our
You Your
He His
She Her
They Their


If you are confuse even after seeing the table don't worry about it because after this explanation you will never have any confusion left. well start from first which is
I --------- My: Let say you want to tell your ownership of something then you will use My Ex: My Mobile, My Car , My Laptop ok!! so this is for you when you show your ownership
We --------- Our: Let say we are the citizen of any country and we are the owner of one thing Ex:Our Flag - "Our" means not just we have one owner we have many people own the same thing
You --------- Your: When use your when your are not showing the ownership of your but someone's else Ex: "Your shoes are nice" - > in this examples you are not prasing yourself but somone else ok
He --------- His: His is pretty much like "The Word you" but - We use "His" when are saying the ownership of a man Like: His clothes are nice
She --------- Her :Here is same as "The Word He" but We "Her" In A little differnt manner - because we use "Her" for a female Ex: Her Book is nice
  1. This is your mobile
  2. This is my Computer
  3. That was my laptop
  4. They are my Students
  5. They have my phone
  6. She has my Laptop
  7. He is my Friend

6) Adjectives Of Number

I ← Subject
Have ← Showing The Possession
Five ← Adjective Of Number
Students ← Noun
Note: Before We complete I Just want teach the difference so that you can get confuse between (Quantity , Number) because they types look like they are same but they are not so kindly see below their difference

Adjective of Quantity & Number / Difference

Adjective of Quantity Adjective of Number
Means:It tells the appomximate Number - Like: Many , Much Means:It tells the Exact Number - Like: 4 , Four , 26 , Twenty Six

  1. I have many Students
  2. They have many phones
  3. She has many Laptops
  4. He has many Friends
  5. She has 24 laptops
  6. You have 1 minutes
  7. We have one website
  8. I have 100 books


Ohh!!! finished i tired my level best to teach you Adjectives through definitions and examples with pictures and i hope you have understood but still you any problem understanding it so contact us Thank you..

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