Adverbs of Time

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1 - Adverbs Of Time | Definition
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2 - Adverbs of Time Types
- - Definite - - Adverbs Of Time
- - InDefinite - Adverbs Of Time
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Adverbs of Time | Definition

  • The definition is - "It tells the time of action when something Happens"
For Example : Yesterday He went to School
Yesterday 'Adverbs of Time '
He ← Subject / Pronoun |
went ← Verb - 2nd form
to School← prepositional object
So As You can see in this Example Yesterday is the adverbs of Time because it is telling us the time of action . So now i suppose you have understood if not take one more example-> We exercise daily in this example (1) We - > Subject (2) exercise - > Verb (3) daily - > is the Adverbs of time because daily is showing us the time of action which in this case is exercise ok!!! now we should to see the types

Adverbs Of Time | Types:

Types: As you know we use it to show the time when action happens but we can't just tell the time first we have to understand the types and We have two types
  1. Definite
  2. InDefinite
1) Definite - Adverbs Of Time:

Explanation :
We use it to show the proper time but it does not mean accurate time For Example - at 5:00 or 7:00 pm . its gives just the idea like - Today , Yesterday . Now , Then , Soon , Already , Still , Yet , Before , Tonight

1) Today

Examples / Exercises:
  • He Came Today
  • Today is my birthday
  • Today is a quite special day for me
  • Today we going to London
  • Today is the very happy day for me

2) Yesterday

Examples / Exercises:
  • Yesterday me and my firend completed my website
  • She went yesterday
  • Yesterday what are you doing?
  • Yesterday i performed five time namaz

3) Now

Examples / Exercises:
  • Now what are you doing?
  • Now what
  • Come in my office right now
  • Now lets play football
  • Now you have to decide me or my friend

4) Then / Soon

Examples / Exercises:
  • He Came then i ran
  • My poetry is coming soon
  • I will meet you soon
  • Soon My dream will come true
  • Soon i will have a new car
  • Get well soon

6) Already

Examples / Exercises:
  • Already
  • I already have an idea How to do this
  • They have already watch this flim
  • You are already so rich

7) Still / Yet

Examples / Exercises:
  • Still He is waiting for her
  • Still i have hope
  • Still you are watching T.V
  • Still i have my old car
  • Still it is loading
  • Iam still facing this problem
  • Still they are not checking my work
  • Still you are poor
  • Not yet recoved

9) Before

Examples / Exercises:
  • Before you talk first think
  • You should the basics before you start
  • Before i used to think you are a good person
  • I knew this thing before
  • Before marriage he was afraiding
  • Come to me before lunch
  • I talk enough protein before exercises

10) Tonight

Examples / Exercises:
  • Tonight is my wedding ceremony
  • He is very busy tonight
  • Tonight we are going to celebrate his birthday
  • My favourite Car is coming Tonight
  • Will you come with me tonight?
  • Come early tonight

2) In-Definite Adverbs Of Time:

Explanation :
We use it to show the proper time but it does not mean accurate time For Example - at 5:00 or 7:00 pm . its gives just the idea like - Weekly , daily . monthly , Hourly , yearly

1) Weekly

Examples / Exercises:
  • I am going to a weekly market
  • He comes to my office in weekly basis
  • This time Weekly average price is little low
  • Please send me weekly report
  • We have almost accomplish our weekly goals

2) Daily

Examples / Exercises:
  • I do exercise daily
  • Tell me your daily routine
  • We daily run 5 miles
  • She daily calls me
  • Daily we take Protein before training
  • Daily she does this mistake
  • Daily We take 1 kg yogurt
  • Now on the daily basis you are coming late

3) Monthly

Examples :
  • Monthly bills
  • I was offered a monthly package
  • I usally have monthly meetings with my clients
  • Monthly bills
  • Till now you have received several monthly notices
  • Very soon you will receive monthly rental

4) Hourly

Examples :
  • I want updates hourly
  • We give hourly services

5) Yearly

Examples :
  • We yearly go to London
  • I love yearly rainfall
  • She has yearly conferences in your offices
  • Our yearly expenditure is getting high and high
  • Do some special to get high yearly revenue
  • We yearly produce much milk than anybody else


So now if anyone asks you what is an adverbs of time so iam pretty much sure you can tell that we use adverbs of time to show or tell the time of action with the help of above explained words and if still you have any problem related to this then kindly ask me i would love you give you answer Thank you ....