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Before we start learning What are the Rules First we should know
  • What Is Direct / InDirect? - Because If you don't know the basics then you can't understand the rules that's why for your benefit first iam teaching you the basic first
  • But if you already know what is direct indirect / reported speech - then you can directly start learning from the rules just by click on this link - Direct Indirect Speech - Rules. i hope this will help you

What Is - Direct / InDirect ?

For Example : Quaid e Azam said that , " Students are the future of Pakistan "
So In Example "Students are the future of Pakistan" is the exact words of Quaid and because we are telling the exacts words of Quaid and not changing any single word so this is direct speech
Ex : She says to me , "That she Teaches English" - In this examples iam changing the words of her which she said to me ok so this is In-Direct Speech

Direct - InDirect / Reported - Rules:

Now we know What is Direct In Direct / Narration / reported Reporting Speech so now its time to learn the rules before making examples . i know you must be thinking why should i learn rules first . well first just see all the rules then i will teach you how to make sentences at this time these rules will be very helpful for you so please don't be confuse iam with you We have five (5) rules in narrations / Direct - In Direct
  1. Rules of Say
  2. Rule of That
  3. Rules of Words
  4. Rules of Pronoun
  5. Rules of Pronoun Replacement

1) Rules of Say:

Say - Will Be Changed To - Say
Say to - Will Be Changed To - Tell
Said - Will Be Changed To - Said

2) Rule of That:

Whenever we will have a | , " | - Comma and quotation mark | in our sentence will replace it with " That " . The picture below is showing you exactly what iam saying

3) Rule of Pronoun:

Subject ObjectPossessive PronounReflexive Pronoun
Ime my myself
WeUs Our Ourself/ves
YouYou Your Yourself/ves
Hehim his himself
Sheher her herself
Theythem their Themself/ves

3) Rule of Words:

The rule of words is that whenever we will have left side word in our sentence then we will replace it with left side word For Example: Today then this word will changed to " That day " below is the list of all the words

Today --- That Day
Tomorrow --- The next day
Last Monday --- The Previous Monday
This/These --- That/These
Now --- Then

5) Pronoun Replacement

[ Condition No - 1 ] If in our sentence we have I , We After , " - Comma and quotation mark then we will get the Subject As you can see below

[ Condition No - 2 ] if we have You After , " - Comma and quotation mark then we will get the object

[ Condition No - 3 ] if we have He,She,it,they After , " - Comma and quotation mark then we will get nothing

  1. I,we --- Subject
  2. You --- Object
  3. He,She,it,they --- No Change

How To Make - Examples?

Now We are going to learn how to make Sentence But Before we move forward i want to tell you that Whenever you will start making sentences first you will have the Sentence like this One ->(' She says to me , "I Teach English" ') now your work will be make example using below steps and please don't be confuse because everything will be clear after you the given steps
Sentence : She says to me , "I Teach English"
  • Step No 1 - First we will take the - She

  • Step No 2 - Second we will take the - says to but before we take this we have to see in Rule of Say and in the rules we will see what is the change of says to and the change is tells

  • So till now our indirect sentence is She tells
  • Step No 3 - Third we will take me so then sentence will become - She tells me
  • Step No 4 - Fourth We will replace ( " , ) Comma and quotation mark With That
  • Now our sentence is She tells me that
  • Step No 5 - Fifth we will see after commna what we have means do we have I , we Or Your because in this case we have I so will take the subject which is she don't be confuse this is from Rule No 5

  • Now we the setence is She tells me that she
  • Step No 6 - we will take teach but because we are learning present narrations and as you know in present we have the rule of third person singular which means we have she so will add es at the end of the verb and in this example verb is teach so it will become teaches

  • Now we have successfully made our sentence Which is (She tells me that she teaches english)

Normal Example Change Into Direct / InDirect
1 - She says to me , "I Teach English"She tells me That she Teaches English
2 - They say to us , "We learn Computer"They tell us that They learn Computer
3 - He says to me , "I play football"He says to me That he plays football

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