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What is an Adverb?


"A Word Which Defines (Adjective, Verb , Other Adverbs) Is Called Adverb"

So It Means:
  1. It Defines - Adjective
  2. It Defines - Verb
  3. It Defines - Other Adverbs
Please don't be confuse because everything i have told you here have explained one by one

1) Defines : Adjective

  • Ali is very intelligent

Ali ← Noun |
Very 'Adverb'
Intelligent← Adjective
So As you can see in this example "intelligent" is an Adjective because it is telling us the quality of Noun or in easy words we can say that it is prasing Ali. Now lets understand how Adverb defines adjective? see the word "Intelligent" is telling Ali's Quality but very in this example is putting Ali to another level because by using The Word "Very" we are saying Ali is not an ordinary person He Is the best of all. so this is how (adverb - defines Adjective)

2) Defines Verb:

  • Example -> They Speak Politely

They ← Pronoun |
Speak ← Verb |
In this example (They is a pronoun ) And (Speak is a Verb) but (Politely is An Adverb) and if we say They Speak its fine but as we add adverb at the end so then it makes the verb more clear because before you knew they speak but did not know how do they speak (Means Do they speak Clearly , angrily , emotionally Or What?) but after putting adverb at the end now we know that they speak politely. so this is how adverb defines "Verb"

3) Defines Other Adverbs:

  • They Speak very Politely
They ← Pronoun |
Speak ← Verb |
Very 'Defining Other Adverb'
In this example "Very" is defining "Politely" if you see then they both are adverbs i mean to say that (Very -> Adverb) , (Politely -> Adverb ) so why adverb is defining other adverb? actually we use it when we want to tell the thing or the person is not just ordinary or normal they are more than normal then we use adverb to define other adverb . it is like one brother is helping his brother to become something ok!

Adverb - Types:

1) Adverbs Of Place
2) Adverbs Of Time
3) Adverbs Of Frequency
4) Adverbs Of Manner
5) Adverbs Of Degree
6) Adverbs Of Certanity
7) Viewpoint Adverb

1) Adverb Of Place?

  • The Formal / Proper Definition Is - "It Tells The Place Of Action (Where something happens)" Or in easy words we can say that it shows / gives us the direction where any action happens Ex: Where to go , where to come , where to sit etc
In order to show or tell the direction or the place to anyone we use these words
  • Here , There , Every Where , straight up , Down ,Upstairs , downstaris , behind , in , out Back
Example : He goes there

2) Adverbs Of Time

  • Definition Is - "It Tells The Time Of Action When Something Happens"
For Example : Yesterday He went to School
Yesterday 'Adverbs of Time '
He ← Subject / Pronoun |
went ← Verb - 2nd form
to School← prepositional object
As You can see in this Example Sentence the word "Yesterday" is the adverbs of Time because it is telling us the time of action. ok!! i suppose now you have understood if not don't worry take one more Ex - "We exercise daily" in this sentence (1) We - > Subject (2) exercise - > Verb (3) daily - > is the Adverbs of time because daily is showing us the time of exercise. now we should to see the types


Types: As you know we use it to show the time when action happens but we can't just tell the time first we have to understand the types and We have two types
1) Definite - " Today , Yesterday . Now , Then , Soon , Already , Still , Yet , Before , Tonight "
2) InDefinite - " Weekly , daily . monthly , Hourly , yearly"

3) Adverbs Of Frequency


  • It Tells how often anything happens - Or - We Use adverb of Frequency To Show the frequency (How Many Times) any action happens
  • To Show the frequency we use these words -> Always , Frequently , usually , often , sometimes, rarely , hardly , hardly ever , never . ever etc
For Example : They always Speak English
In This Ex The Word "Always" is the adverbs of frequency because if we just say They Speak English This is also fine but the word always is telling the frequency (Means: How many times this action happens). So In Easy words we can say that "We Use it To Show the frequency Means (How Many Times) any action happens ok!!"

List Of Words: You must be confuse and thinking what are those words which we use tell the frequency well your confusion is over now because below i have listed those words
  1. Always
  2. Usually
  3. Frequently
  4. Often
  5. Sometimes
  6. Rarely
  7. Hardly
  8. Hardly ever
  9. Ever
  10. Never

4) Adverbs Of Manner

"It Expresses In What Way / Manner Something Is Done" - this is the formal definition now i explain you in my own way
For Example : He works carefully

In This Ex The Word "Carefully" is the Adverb of Manner because the word "Carefully" is showing us the Way / Manner in which He works. ok!!

For your better understanding iam giving you one more example Ex no 2: "He fought bravely" - in this ex "Bravely" is adverbs of manner becuase if we don't mention the word "Bravely" then we can't understand how did he fight might be we think he (fought, fearfully, or shyly) so basically this word bravely is giving the exact idea

5) Adverbs Of Degree

"It expresses the extent or degree of something" Now what does it means? lets say i am in hotel and seeing everything and meanwhile i get the call from my friend and he is asking well Mr.Naveed tell me how good the hotel is ?

So in order to explain him the quality of the hotel means either its ( Normal ) or ( nice ) or ( good ) or (more than good ) i use adverbs of degree like i will say to my friend "ohh !!! Ali the hotel is very nice" So in this sentence the word "Very" is explaining or telling Ali that The Hotel is not just normal or ordinary it is very special. so in easy words we can that whenever we need to show or tell others how special the thing is we use adverbs of degree
Example : The class is too big

In This Ex The Word "Too" is the Adverb of Degree because it is telling us that the class is not just normal or ordinary rather than the class is more than the size of normal

  1. Enough
  2. Too
  3. Very
  4. Very much
  5. Pretty
  6. Quite
  7. Rather
  8. Fairly
With the help of these words we can tells others the degree of something or how special something Is.

6) Adverbs Of Certainty

First we should undersand the Meaning Of Certainty which Is - "Something That Cannot Be Doubted"
Now its time to see the Definition of adverbs of Certainty Is - "It Expresses The Level Of Certainity"
For Example : Surely You are playing football
In the above example sentence Surely is the adverbs of Certainty because it is showing us the believe that really they are playing.

7) Viewpoint Adverb

For Example : Seriously, he can't speak English
In this Sentence "Seriously, he can't speak English" The Word Seriously is the viewpoint adverb because it is showing us the point of view / opinion . if you still have any problem don't worry iam giving you one more example -> "They fought bravely" in sentence iam showing my Opinion when someone asked me - "oh naveed tell me according to you how did they fight " so in the answer of this question i showed my (Opinion or point of view) so when ever we want to show our personal Opinion about any work then we use it


Ohh!!! finished i tired my level best to teach you through definitions, examples with pictures and i hope you have understood but still you any problem understanding it so please Contact Us Thank you..

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