Past Indefinite Tense - Passive Voice

Past - Passive Voice

You are going to Learn:
1 - Past - Passive | Basics
2 - Formula / Structure
3 - How To Make Examples?
4 - Example Sentences
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  • Before you go to towards Past indefinite Passive Voice First you must have the basic understanding of Past Tense and Passive Voice Past Indefinite
  • If you know what Past indefinite is then you can continure learning Past Passive
  • If not then i suggest you to go Past Indefinite Tense First
  • Now I assume you know Past indefinite
  • As you know In Past Indefinite The Structure Is - "Subject + V2foam + object"
  • In Passive Voice The Subject comes at last
  • And Object Comes First Therefore the Structure of Is

Formula / Structure:

Object + Was / Were + 3rdVerb


Means (This is the Subject of Passive) Like I , We , They , Or Any Name "Naveed"

Was / Were - [Helping Verbs]:

- Was = Was is a helping verb - We use Was With Singular Ex: He, She, it or any Singular Name
- Were = Were is also a helping verb We use Were With plural Ex:We, They or any plural Name


"A Word Which Shows An Action Is Called Verb" - Ex: (Dance , Read , Listen , do)


I Cooked Food - Normal Past

Steps To Make:
  1. First we take the object which in this case is food
  2. Food ...
  3. Then we use helping verbs For this tense we have two (Was / Were) so because food is single therefore (Was) we will use
  4. Food was ...
  5. Verb will come which in this sentence is - (Cook) - (Cooked)
Food Was Cooked - Complete !!!

Exercises / Examples:

Normal Past Examples Past Passive Voice
1 - I Wrote a letter ---> A letter was written by me
2 - He cooked Food ---> Food was cooked by me
3 - They Played football ---> Football was played by them
4 - She made cake ---> Cake was made by her
5 - He learnt English ---> English was learnt by him

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