Adverbs of Manner

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Adverbs of Manner - Definition:

  • Before you start learning what is an Adverbs of manner first i suggest you to please understand what is an adverb then come here . if you already have an idea then its fine to continue
  • ok!!! so i suppose you know the basics so lets understand the definition which is - " It Expresses In what Way/Manner something is done " this is the formal definition now i explain you in my own way
For Example : He works carefully

So As You can see in this Example Carefully is the Adverb of Manner because the word Carefully is showing us the Way in which the work has been done For your better understanding iam giving you one more example Ex no 2: He fought bravely - in this example He - > Subject , fought -> 2nd form of verb , bravely is adverbs of manner becuase if we don't mention it then we can't understand how did he fight might be we think he fought fearfully or shyly so basically this word bravely is giving the exact idea so when ever we want to show the manner of an action done then we will use it now you might be thinking ok i have understood it but what are words by which i can explain to other about the manner of an action for this iam telling you some words which are Bravely , Sadly , Happily , Carefully , Angrily , Rudely Etc don't worry about it because i have made a detail explaination on these words which you can see right after the video lectures

Adverbs of Manner - Words List

  1. Bravely
  2. Sadly
  3. Happily
  4. Carefully
  5. Angrily
  6. Rudely

1) Bravely

Examples / Exercises

  1. He fought bravely
  2. He Speaks English Bravely
  3. It kills mosquitoes Bravely
  4. They come to me Bravely
  5. He works in Office Bravely
  6. She takes an interview Bravely
  7. Bravely He catches fishes

2) Sadly

Examples / Exercises

  1. Sadly They come late
  2. Sadly She Completes her Work
  3. Sadly He Writes a letter
  4. Sadly We can't speak english
  5. Sadly He We Work for her

3) Happily

Examples / Exercises

  1. He learns Auto-Cad Happily
  2. He eats ice-cream Happily
  3. We do exercise Happily
  4. They open this Shop Happily
  5. They record voice Happily
  6. It installs Windows Happily
  7. he cooks Food Happily
  8. We cross this road Happily
  9. They give gifts Happily

4) Carefully

Examples / Exercises

  1. He works carefully
  2. She speaks English Carefully
  3. Carefully They ride bike
  4. They buy Laptops Carefully
  5. He makes Cake Carefully
  6. They build giant buildings Carefully
  7. She stops us Carefully Rudely
  8. Carefully They do business in Electronics

5) Angrily

Examples / Exercises

  1. He tells a lie Angrily
  2. He listens Songs Angrily
  3. He copies from us Angrily
  4. She wears jeans Angrily
  5. She talks Angrily

6) Rudely

Examples / Exercises

  1. He takes a lot of water Rudely
  2. She Operates Computer Rudely
  3. She Talks with him Rudely
  4. She gives time Rudely
  5. We eat Eggs Rudely
  6. She sings with me rudely


So We learnt what is adverbs of manner and we use it whenever we want to show the manner of an action which i explained with definitions, examples and i hope you have understood it. if still you are having any problem kindly contact ud i would love you give you answer .... Thank you

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