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Adjective Of Quality / Definition:

Before you start learning what is Adjective Of Quality you first have basic understanding of what is An Adjectives if you already know ... then you can continue


The definition is "It Describes The Quality of Noun"
Or In Easy Words We can say that "It praises the Noun / Or Tell the good things about the Noun"

Example No 1 :

A Beautiful Place
Beautiful 'Adjective'
Place← Noun
So In This Example Beautiful Is Adjective Of Quality Because Beautiful is telling the Quality of A Noun Which is the word (Place) Or we can also tell the word Beautiful is prasing the Place so whenever we need to show the Quality of Noun we will use it .

Example No 2 :


"A Beautiful Girl"
Here the word Beautiful is telling us the how the girl is ok!! and still confuse !!! take another example" Ali is very handsome " Ali-> Noun , handsome->Adj (because it is telling us that ali is nice looking person)

Examples / Exercises:

  1. A rich man
  2. A beautiful place
  3. A Rich Man
  4. They Are Sweet
  5. She Is Polite
  6. We Are Healthy
  7. She Is Smart
  8. Iam Intelligent
  9. He Is Brave
  10. I Was Proud
  11. I Was Calm
  12. She Is Successful
  13. They Were Cruel
  14. He Was Generous

Words / List:

  1. rich
  2. beautiful
  3. Sweet
  4. Polite
  5. Healthy
  6. Smart
  7. Intelligent
  8. Brave
  9. Proud
  10. Calm
  11. Successful
  12. Cruel
  13. Generous
  14. Perfect
  15. Confident
  16. Attractive
  17. Thankful
  18. Excited
  19. Comfortable
  20. Helpful
  21. Jealous
  22. Nervous
  23. Disturbed
  24. Disappointed
  25. Peaceful
  26. Amused
  27. Cooperative

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