Interrogative Adjectives

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1 - What Is An Interrogative Adjectives With Definition?
2 - Interrogative Adjectives Words
- - - - - What
- - - - - Which
- - - - - Whose
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3 - Conclusion

Interrogative Adjectives | Definition:

The definition which is - "Interrogative Adjectives are used for asking Questions and for describing a noun"
So what is an Interrogative - Well we use it for asking question and we also put (?) question mark at the end of our every sentence
Example: How Are you? - in this sentence we are asking someone's health or condition
So if we put interrogative and adjective together then the defintion or usage will become like "Used for asking Questions and for describing a noun" now in order to understand we need to see the example sentence
  • Which Book do you like?
  • In this Example Which is an Interrogative adjective because "Which" is helping us in asking a question and "Which" is also describing a Noun - Means in this example we have book as a noun because if we just say "which do you like?" so then it will not make any sense and also one of the biggest reason to put noun is we are learning Adjective and its Defines And Modify Noun and at the end we have a question mark ? telling others this a question

Interrogative Adjectives | Words:

Now you may be thinking by which words we can ask questions so in order to clear your confusion iam telling you the words which are
  • What
  • Which
  • Whose
You can see the examples of these words right after the video lectures

1) What | Examples:

  1. What did you eat in dinner?
  2. What do you do?
  3. What do you drink?
  4. What do you like to read?
  5. What color do you like?
  6. What kind of dog do you have?
  7. What is a computer?
  8. That's what I say
  9. What are those?
  10. What do you do at your free time?
  11. What are your hobbies?
  12. Now what do i do?
  13. Now what?
  14. No one knows what i do for this website?
  15. Whare are you talking about?

2) Which | Examples:

  1. Which book do you like?
  2. Which Laptop do you like?
  3. Which bike do you like?
  4. Which car do you like?
  5. Which number do you have?
  6. Which company do you like?
  7. Which cell phone do you have?
  8. Which cell phone do you have?
  9. Which car do you have?
  10. In which class do you study?
  11. This the part which moves the other parts
  12. Due to which i was not able to come in your class
  13. Which is your favorite color?
  14. In Which country do you want to live?
  15. I love to eat which likes for me

3) Whose | Examples:

  1. Whose book is this?
  2. Whose Pen is this?
  3. Whose Laptop is this?
  4. Whose Box is this?
  5. Whose Fan is this?
  6. Whose Ticket is this?
  7. Whose L.C.D is this?
  8. Whose Window is this?
  9. Whose Keyboard is this?
  10. Whose Mobile is this?
  11. Whose Phone is this?
  12. Whose glasses are they?


Ohh!!! finished so we learnt the definition Which is -> "We used interrogative adjectives for asking Questions and for describing a noun" & we also learnt the difference between interrogative and adjective which is we use interrogative for asking question and adjective for defining and modifying the noun and in last we saw the examples with two lectures in English And Urdu/Hindi Language. I tired my level best to teach you with best of my knowledge and i hope you have understood everything but still should you have any problem understanding it so please contact me i would love to help you Thank you ....

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