Adverbs of Focus

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Adverbs Of Focus | Definition:

  • Before i start teaching you what is an adverbs of Focus i would like to ask you Do you know what is an adverb? if not then please !!! first understand what is an adverb by just clicking on this Adverb link . This link will reach to the page where in detail i have < explained everything but if you already have an idea or just want to know the basics then you can continue
  • Ok lets see the definition which is -> Its Focus On Verb , Subject , Object
1) Focus On - Subject : Only He Speaks English
So As You can see in this Example Only is the adverbs of focus because the word only is focusing on Subject - Lets say there are 50 people there and out of 50 people he is only one who speaks english ok!!! so for this reason when we want to point out something or focus on something then we use it . This example was only for Subject now lets see the example for Verb
2) Focus On - Verb : Only He Speaks English
So As You can see in this Example the word Only is focusing on Verb - and because it a verb and as you know the usage of verb is (A word which is used to indicate the act is called verb) and in this example we have speak so it means - He does not know any other language therefore whenever he talks he speaks english

3) Focus On Object : He Writes Only a letter
So As You can see in this sentence only is focusing on object neither focusing on (Subject ) nor verb so this was the explanation if you still have some problem then don't worry because right after the video lectures you will find plenty of examples

Adverbs Of Focus

| Subject : Examples / Exercises |

  1. Only He Speaks English
  2. Only They come late
  3. Only She Completes Home Work
  4. Only He Writes a letter
  5. Only He learns Auto-Cad
  6. Only It Connects
  7. Only She speaks English
  8. Only They reject us
  9. Only They buy Laptops
  10. Only He eats ice-cream
  11. Only He tells a lie
  12. Only He listens Songs
  13. Only He copies from us
  14. Only He wears jeans
  15. Only He takes a lot of water
  16. Only She Operates Computer
  17. Only She Talks with him
  18. Only It takes time
  19. Only We eat Eggs
  20. Only We do exercise
  21. Only They open this Shop
  22. Only They record voice
  23. Only It installs Windows
  24. Only She cooks Food
  25. Only He makes Cake
  26. Only They build giant buildings
  27. Only She stops us
  28. Only It kills mosquitoes
  29. Only He earns money
  30. Only They recite Holy Book
  31. Only They come to me
  32. Only They do business in Electronics
  33. Only He works in Office
  34. Only She takes an interview
  35. Only He catches fishes
  36. Only They love each other
  37. Only He scolds them
  38. Only He completes his Work
  39. Only He thinks bad about you
  40. Only He takes 2 Kg Chicken every day
  41. Only He cuts hair
  42. Only He smokes
  43. Only They buy milk

Adverbs Of Focus

| Verb : Examples / Exercises |

  1. He only Speaks English
  2. They only come late
  3. She only Completes her Work
  4. He only Writes a letter
  5. He only learns Auto-Cad
  6. It only Connects
  7. She only speaks English
  8. They only reject us
  9. They only buy Laptops
  10. He only eats ice-cream
  11. He only tells a lie
  12. He only listens Songs
  13. He only copies from us
  14. He only wears jeans
  15. He only takes a lot of water
  16. She only Operates Computer
  17. She only Talks with him
  18. It only takes time
  19. We only eat Eggs
  20. We only do exercise
  21. They only open this Shop
  22. They only record voice
  23. It only installs Windows
  24. She only cooks Food
  25. He only makes Cake
  26. They only build giant buildings
  27. She only stops us
  28. It only kills mosquitoes
  29. He only earns money
  30. They only recite Holy Book
  31. They only come to me
  32. They only do business in Electronics
  33. He only works in Office
  34. She only takes an interview

Adverbs Of Focus

| Object Examples / Exercises |

  1. He Speaks Only English
  2. They come Only late
  3. She Completes Only her Work
  4. He Writes Only a letter
  5. He learns Only Auto-Cad
  6. It Only Connects
  7. He listens Only a Songs
  8. He wears Only jeans
  9. She Operates Only Computer
  10. She Talks Only with him
  11. It takes Only time
  12. We eat Only Eggs
  13. We do Only exercise
  14. They open Only this Shop


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