WH-Word with Direct Speech and Indirect Speech Narrations

Wh Words | Direct - InDirect

You are going to Learn:
1 - Wh-Words - Direct InDirect
2 - Definition
3 - Rules
4 - Exercises - Sentences:
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Wh-Words - Direct InDirect:


We use Wh-Words for asking Questions


  • Said To --- Ask
  • Question changes into Statement
  • That --- If /Whether

Rules Explanation:

1) Said To --- Ask - [ He said to me --- Will be changed to --- He asked me If ]
3) That --- If /Whether - [ They said to us , "Do We learn Computer"? --- Will be changed to --- They asked us If They learnt Computer ]

Exercises - Sentences:

Normal Example WH-Word Examples
1 - He said to me , "Why Are you a Teacher"?She asked me Why I was a Teacher
2 - They said to us , "Why Do We learn Computer"?They asked us Why They learnt Computer
3 - He said to me , "Why Do I play football"?He asked to me Why he played football
4 - She said to me , "Why Do I Love him"?She asked me Why she loved him
5 - He said to us, "Why Do I Complete my work"?He asked Why he completed his work
6 - They said to her, "Why Do We wear Glasses"?They asked her Why they worn Glasses
7 - He said to me , "What Do I work in a good office"?He asked me What He worked in a good office
8 - She said to us , "Why Does He come late"?She asked us Why he came late
9 - They said to him, "What Does She dance very well"They asked him What she danced very well
10 - We said to them , "Why Do You eat Ice-Cream"?We asked them Why they ate Ice-Cream
11 - She said to me, "What Do I earn handsome amount "?She asked me What she earned handsome amount
12 - They said to us , "Why Do We repair Computers?"They asked us Why they repaired Computers
13 - She said to me , "What Do I learn Electronics"?She asked me What she learned Electronics
14 - He said to him, "Why Do I cleaned my room"?He asked him Why he cleaned his room
15 - She said to her , "What Do I record good voice"?She asked her What she recorded good voice
16 - They said to them, "Why Do we wear jeans"?They asked them Why they worn jeans
17 - He said to him, "Why Do I install windows"?He asked him Why he installed windows
18 - She said to them, "Why Do They kill Animals"?She asked them Why they killed Animals

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