Passive Causative Verbs

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1 - Causative Verbs | Definition
2- Causative Verbs - Kinds
3 - Passive - Causative Verbs
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Before we start learning What is Passive Voice First we should know
  • Step: 1 - What Is Causative Verb?
  • Step: 2 - Causative Verb Kinds
  • Step: 3 - Passive Causative
Note: If you already the basics Like (Step 1 , Step 2) then its fine to continue learning from (Step 3) passive causative directly

Causative Verbs | Definition:

" A Word Showing When We Want Someone To Do Something "

Example - (No 1)

Let's say you to want to have a new kitchen cupboard so call the carpenter and he does your work (Means take all the measurements , Get s the cupboard - Everything he does for you) so this is causative why because you are not doing this work but you are saying to something to do this for you


We Have (2 Two) kinds of Causative Verbs  causative-verbs-kinds
1) Active Causative Verbs - In Active Causative we done work from someone who is not professional

Passive Causative

Definition: "A word showing when you want someone to do something as a Professional Service"
Example: Let say you a problem in your eletric fan then you will call to an electrician and then you will come to your home and will eradicate your problem So this is passive causative because the person is professional he does this work day in and day out and you are getting professional service



Passive Causative - Verb

Present-Passive-Causative with picture


Sub + Get/Have + Something + V3rd
Subject = Means Who or what perform the action
(Something ) = Like Any Noun , pronoun

Examples / Exercises:

Normal Sentences Converted Sentences
1 - I Polish my shoes I get/have my shoes polished
2 - I Cut my Hair I have my Hair Cut
3 - I Wash my Car I get/have my Car Washed
4 - I repair Computer I get/have my Computer repaired
5 - She Operates Computer She get/have her Computer Operated