Passive Voice Rules

Passive Voice Rules:

  • We Must learn Rules before we go for making Passive Voice examples

Change To
I by me
We by us
You By You
She By her
He By him
They By them
It By it

Where / How To Apply?

| Rules |

  • As you know in passive voice subject becomes object
  • So how does subject become object?
  • if you see the above table at the left side we have all normal subjects
  • And at the right side we have the passive's object
  • Means if I will be the subject then we will change I into me
  • For Example:I play football Subject will come at the place of objFootball is played by me

Passive Voice Rules

| Examples |

  1. Football was played by meI Changed into me
  2. Cake was made by us
  3. English was learnt by You
  4. Generator was started by her
  5. Changes were made by him
  6. L.C.D was repaired by them
  7. Tutorials were made by it

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