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Adverbs of Degree

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Adverbs Of Degree / Definition
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Adverbs Of Degree - Words List

Adverbs Of Degree - Definition:

Before you start learning adverbs of degree i suggest you to first understand What is an adverb? and if you know already what it is? or have a basic idea then its fine to continue ok !!! The formal definition which is "It expresses the extent or degree of something"
Now what does it means? lets say i am in hotel and seeing everything and meanwhile i get the call from my friend and he is asking well Mr.Naveed tell me how good the hotel is ? so in order to explain him the quality of the hotel means either its ( Normal ) or ( nice ) or ( good ) or(more than good ) i use adverbs of degree like i will say to my friend "ohh !!! Ali the hotel is very nice"

So in this example very is explaining or telling Ali that The Hotel is not just normal or ordinary it is very special so in easy words we can that whenever we need to show or tell others how special the thing is we use adverbs of degree and for your better understanding i am giving you one more example with picture
Example : The class is too big

So As You can see in this Example Too is the Adverb of Degree because it is telling us that the class is not just normal or ordinary rather than the class is more than normal in size so see here we are also telling the specialty as i explained you above so till now we have understood the definition now its time to understand how to make some examples for this we need some words which are given below
With the help of these words we can tells other the degree of something or how special something Is . i know you are still little bit confuse how to use these words if you are then don't worry right after the video lectures i have explained in detail all above words with their usages and examples

Adverbs Degree - Words/List


1) Enough

Usages Explanation:

Examples / Exercises:

  1. I have enough Students
  2. They have enough phones
  3. She has enough Laptops
  4. He has enough Friends
  5. I have enough Pens
  6. She has enough makeup kits
  7. He has enough Students

2) Too

Usages Explanation:


  1. He is too good
  2. You are too smart
  3. He is too bad
  4. She is too beautiful
  5. We are too strong
  6. He is too handsome
  7. You are too kind
  8. You are too talented
  9. we are too famous
  10. we are too popular
  11. I was lonely
  12. We are too too depressed
  13. You were too nervous
  14. She is too lazy
  15. It is too quiet
  16. It is too too silent
  17. It is too loud
  18. You are too calm
  19. She is too relaxed

3) Very

Usages Explanation:


  1. He is very nice
  2. They are very sweet
  3. She is very Polite
  4. We are very healthy
  5. She is very smart
  6. Iam very intelligent
  7. He is very brave
  8. I was very proud
  9. I was very calm
  10. She is very successful
  11. They were very cruel
  12. He was very generous
  13. It is very perfect
  14. I am very confident
  15. He is very attractive
  16. They will be very thankful
  17. We were very excited
  18. It is very comfortable
  19. It was very helpful for me
  20. She was very nervous
  21. We are very disappointed
  22. That area was very peaceful
  23. We were very amused
  24. They were very cooperative
  25. Your future is very bright
  26. She is very aggressive
  27. Iam very fearless
  28. My cat is very adorable
  29. It is very alluring


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